Types of Gearboxes and its Own Unique Features


It's actually not that difficult to know when repairs or renewal services are essential because of the rich variety of gearbox designs to which you could find nowadays. There in fact are several key components to which affects on how the gearbox performs its job. Such factors includes speed, noise, gear ratio, shaft orientation, pression, installation, torque, operating cycles and its maintenance. It is important to understand how the different types of gearboxes today works for you to understand whether your equipment requires repairs. Below would be some of the gearbox types you could find today and its functions here

Spur gearbox types are considered to be the most common and are simple gearboxes. The positions of the radial teeth enables them to handle high gear ratios and is able to provide efficiency levels for 94 - 98%. 

There are also the helical gearboxes which are also like spur gearboxes, but its teeth is not positioned laterally to the revolving axis. Such gears also are locked at a certain angle that's usually about 90 degrees. 

You also will find the bevel gearboxes which are made with two crossing shafts and comes with a cone-style teeth that encourages versatile motion to the area which is directly between the shafts. It also features axes to which are capable of handling huge amounts of pressure. 

The spiral bevel gearboxes also are variants of bevel types that offers benefits to which are like that of the helical gear systems and has teeth that engages slowly. With this, it results to smoother and less noisy gear shafts. 

There also are the hypoid gearboxes that resembles spiral bevel types. Such systems are mostly made to work with a 90 degree drive shaft. Also, it's more powerful and less noisy compared to the spiral bevel gearboxes and is capable of handling high speed ratios. 

Planetary gearboxes are also other types which are comprised of various outside gears to which orbits around the inner gear. This also is efficient to 96 - 98% and could work at lower speeds. This also is able to provide high gear differentials on each stage and is capable of producing triple on the amount of torque from standard spur gearboxes.

It's important to always remember that whatever gearbox system you consider, it's a fact that efficiency will depend on various factors. For you to be able to get high efficiency, the gearbox should be repaired and should be maintained properly so click here.

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